The Other: Traversing Architectural Perspectives

University of Malta, Master’s in Architecture Dissertation, 2017

This Dissertation witnesses architecture to be more than simply building and explores the notion that it inheres something other which is beyond the physical. In developing a model of thought for architecture which harbours that other, an object-based concept is exceeded and architecture emerges as that which inhabits us as much as we ourselves inhabit it. The boundaries we cap onto architecture dissolve from those which demarcate the edge of our buildings, to become the perennial sites of negotiation. The research investigates the process by which that which is seemingly outside of architecture, infects that which is seemingly inside of it (and vice-versa), and develops a framework through which architectural discourse can imply a delimited architecture capable of infinite traversal between its supposed inside and outside. The delivery of a concept for architecture to consist of a field of dynamic movement is grounded in the revealed interactivity between that which we see in a building, its actual, and that which we do not, the virtual. The study is driven by the decoding of perspectives and experiences of architecture, as consulted in literature and a series of interviews carried out for analysis, through which an understanding of the other in architecture and its altogether meaning and grounding in interacting elements of actuality and virtuality is revealed. Finally, the potential of the developed theoretical framework and its traversing of perspectives is discussed in the context of its relevancy to the architect and the field of architecture at large.

Keywords: actuality, virtuality, other, traversing, perspective, experience, meaning