The Flying Gap

European Architecture Students Assembly, Nida, Lithuania, 2016

The Flying Gap is a workshop about personal space experimentation, explored through the design and development of wooden kitents: a dual structure which transforms from a tent into a kite. In exploring Nida’s diverse landscapes on the Curonian Spit between the Curonian Lagoon and the Baltic Sea, a nomadic ritual unfolds, as participants merge with the territory and act under its rules. A process of discovery takes us on a journey; from the consciousness of one’s own space through to the collective structure and the changing panorama around Nida; a primordial path to challenge the basic notions of architecture.

Workshop Tutors: Grégoire Guex-Crosier, Mattia Pretolani
Design Team: Aleksandra Wróbel, Ella Fleri Soler, Frederico Di Trani, Giorgos Kyriazis, Idil Kem, Kaisa Lindström, Martin Kunc, Mihkel Reav, Martynas Germanavičius, Maria Pastukh, Natalie Hipp, Teodora Lungu, Thea Klitte, Tommaso Fruga
Photo/Video Documentation: Ieva Karpavičiūtė