Text Catalogue

Text Catalogue is a research and discourse initiative which seeks to create a
playground for an active archive of concepts centered around the exploration of deterritorialisation in architecture. The Catalogue collects and frames ‘Texts’ – short, discreet stories of such instances observed in the day-to-day encounters of urban living.

The project thrives on an inquiry into how architecture shapes people and how people shape architecture. It looks at cities, towns and villages; from
fancy buildings to common place mundanities; it looks at how people occupy space – how they territorialise – and how they sometimes break patterns – deterritorialise. Text Catalogue seeks to wonder, to understand, and to work under a projection of ‘what could be?’. It builds a home for such seemingly unrelated narratives in the hope that they may collectively spark some movement in what frames our thought for architecture.

Text Catalogue was founded by Ella Fleri Soler and Andrew Darmanin in 2018 following travels through South East Asia and has taken focus onto various encounters across European cities. Locally in Malta, several collaborations are being ironed out, particularly in the setup of local events for conversations pertaining to the Text Catalogue research agenda.