Installation for Art in Architecture’s FLOAT exhibition, University of Malta, 2015

Created in collaboration with Andrea Dingli.

Art in Architecture presents FLOAT, an exhibition project of art installations exploring collage, space and light, produced by final year students of the BSc in Built Environment Studies responding to Creative Interfaces in Collage. The works also respond to UNESCO’s theme for 2015 as the “International Year of Light”. FLOAT was launched as a one-off event of lit installations spread within the floors of the Faculty for the Built Environment at the University of Malta. Art in Architecture is an exhibition project developed by Dr Ruth Bianco for architecture students to research the creative interface and interactions between contemporary processes in fine art and architecture through artistic outcomes.

JUXTACUBE is an exploration of multifaceted collage: introducing non tactile layers of collage, illusions to be experienced from various angles. A floating hollow body offering multiple viewing points into its core, creating a variant image dictated by perspective. Juxtaposing the dark with the light, the bold with the soft, to create an art piece, static in nature by dynamic in its experience.

Foam Board, Mount Board and Plastic Sheet

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