Interactive Inflatables

Society for Architecture and Civil Engineering Workshop, 2015

Interactive Inflatables was a collaboration between five architects from Interactive Architecture Lab Malta and FabLab Valletta, and 18 students, from the Faculty for the Built Environment at the University of Malta. The project was completed over 3 days at the SACES workshop which took place at Fort Delimara in Malta. The research was focused around the study of volumes inflatable and deflatable by fans and actuators controlled by parametric coding and variable sensors on an arduino platform.

Tutors: William Bondin, Kane Borg, Sean Buttigieg, Joe Galea, Francois Mangion.
Participants: Edward Cole, Suzie Mifsud, Jessica Azzopardi, Peter Baldacchino, Ally Ciantar, Karl Camilleri, Martina Cutajar, Clara Farrugia, Rebecca Farrugia, Ella Fleri Soler, Martin Grech, Julia Frendo, Lara Lia, Adam Micallef, Ben Sammut, Rebecca Schembri, Nico Vella Gatt, Elisa Attard-Yeon.

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