HEX: An analogue process in the approach of form finding in architectural fabrication

Master’s in Architecture, University of Malta, 2017

This project explores the relevance of an analogue approach to form finding in architectural fabrication. The involvement of an analogue process is explored with reference to an architecture technology workshop hosted by the University of Malta during 2017 in which the form finding process for the design of a fiberglass cladding unit was driven by physical prototype testing and carried through to fabrication using a technique based on the physical model. The exploration is further broadened towards a larger context through its applicability to architecture on a wider scale through investigations of the analogue approach as the driving force in the design process.

University of Malta Architecture Technology Workshop hosted in collaboration with Dfab Studio and Silvercraft Products Ltd

Analogue Form Finding – Prototyping fiberglass cladding panels By Maurizio Ascione, Mark Cauchi, Robert Fenech, Ella Fleri Soler, Julian Sammut, Nicholas Tonna